About Us

In 2003, Tim Wetzel founded WEVCO out of his garage. Today, WEVCO is producing renewable fuel in Portland, Oregon. This company is using an older invention that received a full patent. This is called VIESEL. This older technology uses seed oil and waste vegetable oil to produce its fuel. Tim sold this patent in 2007 for seven figures to Tellus Renewables.

In 2009, Tim went on to develop his newest and latest Renewable Fuel Technology called SnxF. Wetzel Renewable Fuels  was founded in 2012 to help spread this new technology.  Since then, Tim has been researching, testing and refining the SnxF brand and has found a fuel that has performed above expectations.  We're sending out more detailed information to our subscribers.  Sign up with your e-mail to learn more about WRF SnxF brand.

Timothy Wetzel, Chairman and CEO

First inventor of renewable diesel fuel to receive tax credit. Inventor of several renewable fuel patents. Inventor of patent-pending processes EXIMO for waste feed stock purification and SnxF Fuel Technology. 10 years oil and gas experience with major oil company. Engineered and built 3 Renewable Fuel plants and more are on the way. Biomass of the Year Award. Member ASTM. Invented & Patented first lightweight commercial jet fuel from non-fossil or seed-oil feed stock. Heading WRF's aggressive expansion throughout the United States, China and worldwide.

Favorite vehicle: 1956 Ford Pickup diesel

Maurice Garibello, Executive Vice President of Sales

Maurice has 36 years of sales and management experience in small business and start up companies.  His experience includes computers sales, consulting, residential loans, and promotion of small cap companies. He is a high energy results-oriented manager with extensive experience supporting start-up companies, sales negotiations, and complex business problem resolution.  

Favorite vehicle: 1963 Corvette

Alan Pederson, Director

Successful businessman in the automotive industry since 1980's. Recognized for high level of professional mechanical aptitude.  Over 30 years automotive and mechanical experience, not limited to gasoline; but includes diesel engines and those related fuel systems. Award-winning performance in present position. Strong community service and long-term relationships. 

Favorite vehicle: 1969 Chevy Nova

Bob Kelly, President of WRF, Pacific NW Distributor

I am pleased to assist Tim Wetzel and WRF in the adoption of their technology through the Pacific Northwest. I am learning rapidly about the exciting renewable energy industry and bringing my background in marketing, fundraising, technology, and human resources to bear to the task. Bob is an accomplished real estate broker and investor with a background in technology.  As President, Bob brings his expertise in marketing, fundraising, technology and human resources to the group.  Bob is a key player in the establishment of Better Fuel NW and leads the Tacoma Fuel Plant and business incubator site.

Favorite vehicle: 1981 Dodge Omni

Rob LeRoy, Vice President of Marketing

Rob is a natural-born entrepreneur with an extensive background in advertising for start-ups, established brands and real estate. He has helped launch several products and companies, and specializes in writing, photography and content marketing. 

Favorite vehicle: Corellian YT-1300 light freighter