Our Technology

Wetzel Renewable Fuels's patent-protected technologies produce an extremely exciting biofuel that is diesel compatible.  WRF's EXIMO machine can turn a variety of waste feedstocks (possibilities: tires, plastics, trap grease and more) into a clean biofuel we call SnxF2 (pronounced Sin-eff-2).  For more information about the range of SnxF2 products, test and lab results plus more details about our technology, inquire with your email today!

A Brief Overview

WRF’s SnxF2 diesel compatible biofuel is superior to petroleum based diesel fuel in several ways:

  • It contains a lower sulfur content.

  • It is lighter and burns more completely, resulting in a higher BTU content. This means more power to the engine.

  • It is dryer - less water content - allowing it to be used in freezing conditions.

  • SnxF2 is a natural lubricant.  No expensive additives are needed, as with low sulfur diesel.

  • It blends with fossil diesel #2 and reduces air pollutants such as carbon dioxide by up to 80%.

WRF SnxF2 is a superior biofuel for many reasons:

  • Paraffin contaminants (wax), a waste from biodiesel production, are bad for engines. Snfx2 removes them completely.

  • The WRF EXIMO production process converts 99+% of the feedstock into fuel. 

  • Biodiesel produced from edible and inedible plant biomass leaves up to 60% waste sludge, which itself becomes a disposal and environmental problem.  

  • Biodiesel produced from grain, sugar cane or seed oils creates competition against our food markets.

  • SnxF2 has better cold weather (CFPP) properties and better BTU than biodiesel.

  • SnxF2 is blendable and enhances the performance of biodiesel and fossil diesel fuels.

A Brighter Tomorrow

Technology is the solution to many of our environmental challenges and there is a great deal of profit to be made as we develop viable technologies that help relieve the cost of waste storage and disposal, and produce clean fuel.  Our technology has a powerful and positive impact by relieving pollution from waterways and land fills which results in cleaner air, water and land. The entire line of WRF technologies and products are designed to be cleaner than their fossil counterparts.  WRF is the leader and owner of the most advanced technologies for producing renewable fuel products.  You will learn how to use these technologies and the sky is the limit for how far you want to take it. Inquire today!  

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